High Tensile Deformed Steel Bars Y40 (40MM) BS

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Steel Reinforcement Bars (Rebars)

Steel reinforcement bars are widely used to reinforce high strength concrete in buildings, bridges, highways and other construction projects.

Concrete is a material that is very strong in compression, but is weak in tension. The tensile strength is generally about 10 percent of compression strength. To compensate for this, rebar is cast into concrete to strengthen and reinforce its tensile strength. In reinforced concrete, the tensile strength of steel rebars and the compressive strength of the concrete work together, resulting in much stronger buildings.


High Tensile Deformed Bars

Deformed bars are different from plain round bars that they have ribs or deformation on the surface of the bar, and hence minimize slippage and increases the bond between the rebar and concrete. In addition, deformed rebars also have more tensile strength than mild round steel bars. Deformed rebars are therefore more suitable than round bars in concrete reinforcement.


Production Process

Steel rebars in Malaysia are mostly produced with Electric Arc Furnance, or EAF. Production of steel rebars begins with putting the right proportion of steel scrap, high quality lime and coke into the EAF. The mixture is melted by the high temperatures up to 1,800 °C, with the steel undergoing complex chemical and physical property changes. After the correct temperatute and chemical compositions are verified by laboratory tests, the molten steel is filled into a ladle and sent into the continuous caster to be casted into high quality steel billets. These billets will then be reheated and being hot rolled into the desired size, length and quality.

Sizes and Lengths

Our high tensile deformed steel reinforcement bars are are in compliance with Malaysian Standard MS146:2006 and BS4449:2005. A variety of sizes and lengths are available, including Y10, Y12, Y16, Y20, Y25, Y32 and Y40, with a standard length of 12M. We provide delivery directly at work site at the best ex-factory price.